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    New Boy

    Hello everyone, I live in Carmarthenshire and I've been a shotgun user for some years - mainly rough shooting and wildfowlingwith the odd day or two at a peg. I'm a member of BASC and I gained my FAC last year. I currently have a .22LR CZ 452 for vermin and a .22 Hornet CZ 527 for foxing. I lamp quite a bit with a friend and I find that I'm getting very interested in rifle shooting; and am considering doing the BASC DSC 1. I'm sure I'll have more questions than answers for the forums.

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    Hello Flung

    I think most of us probably started out as you did and progressed onto centre fire then stalking. It is encouraging to hear that you are considering your Level 1. It is a very informative course and none of it is rocket science. You will learn a lot from this site as we are lucky to have some extremely experienced stalkers who are more than willing to share in their knowledge. However we are all still learning!!
    Don't be afraid to ask questions and I wish well.



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