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Thread: New rifle here at last

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    New rifle here at last

    Ordered a new Sako 85 varmint laminated synthetic in 204Ruger at the beginning of April last year, used to have a 75 in 17rem but sako don't do that calibre anymore. Delivery was expected in September but it did not arrive. it didn't arrive in October or November but good news it was on the December shipment which arrived on the 18th, bad news wrong paperwork and stuck in customs until last week. So first thing yesterday it was off to the rfd to pick it up. Some things in life are worth waiting for and this was definitely one of them. it's a stunning rifle and I couldn't wait to get it home. Next problem the missus - after over 9 months I still had not got up the courage to tell her I was getting it so I thought the best thing would be to walk straight in with it and take the beating, which I did - and I got. After a 2 hour verbal thrashing and making a solemn promise to start work immediately on the new bathroom I was in the clear.
    So this morning new cunning plan, first down to the ATM for a wad of cash, then offered half of it to missus to take daughter out to the shops for the day. Plan works - she takes all of it and disappears after giving me one of those 'your not out of the woods yet' looks.
    Within 30 minutes I had my s+b 6x42 fitted, bore sighted and a firing point set up on the lawn, I pinned a target up on a tree exactly 100 meters across the field behind my house. (benefits of living in the middle of nowhere).
    Started with Hornady 32g V-Max factory rounds, first 3 shot group not on the paper but grouping 130cm to left, made adjustments and next group was about 1.25in 5cm low and 2cm right and got this decent group just left of POA it measures .620in I then had to call it a day as some browsing sheep were crossing the bank behind the target, still a good start.
    I have some development loads ready to try and if they can better this I'll be well pleased.Click image for larger version. 

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    As you say worth the wait and the beating
    I hope you enjoy your new toy
    I am having a 20 tac custom built at the moment not quite ready yet another couple of
    months maybe .
    got dies brass and new scope arrived couple of days ago be worth the wait when its done
    regards pete .

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