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Thread: Deer Count Holkam

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    Deer Count Holkam

    Not long got in from the annual Deer count at Holkham, wonderful day had by all.

    Glyn had arranged for a tour of the Wells lifeboat prior to the count, and the group had an entertaining talk by Alan the coxswain of the lifeboat and a tour of the offshore boat. After the tour we retired to the game larder for some lunch and a jaw with fellow BDS members prior to entering the park for the count.

    With groups split into areas to survey we headed into the park, but unfortunately the Fallow were not playing the game and decided to group into one big herd and were very difficult to count, we did manage to get a count on the mature bucks and prikets and a herd totalish.

    its nice to be around someone who obviously cares for his herd, and has a lot of knowledge about the animals in his care. If any of the members of the forum have the opportunity please do not hesitate to give Glyn a call and see if he is available for a wild stalk, or if not go and have a look around the Park and see the Fallow and Red herds.
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    Thanks for your kind comments and for your help with the count. I'm glad that everyone enjoyed the day especially the visit to the RNLI.

    I have now had a chance to look at the figures and there is quite a bit of consistancy between what the observers counted and what photographs showed so I am fairly confident that we have some good results.

    Again, thanks and best wishes to all involved.


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