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Thread: Todays Countryfile

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    Todays Countryfile

    Did anyone see tonights programme?
    It had a piece on it about wildlife crime, including deer poaching on Cannock Chase. They stopped a van with half a dozen longdogs in it and two deer carcasses. Three men arrested. I didnt see any follow-up on whether they were charged, but may've missed that part.

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    I have been told the RSPCA have taken up the case. I think they just had the one deer in the van.

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    I thought the whole thing was funny given that on Thursday night Channel 4 where showing deer coursing and poaching and the RSPCA claim that could do anything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tika.308 View Post
    I have been told the RSPCA have taken up the case. I think they just had the one deer in the van.
    It could have been just the one, but I thought I saw two, not sure now!!

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    Given that there are a large number of people watching Country File who are not familiar with the country and its ways I really wish that the programme had pointed out that shooting deer is only poaching when it is carried out by someone who does not own or have the shooting rights to the land. For casual viewers it certainly looked like any killing of deer is illegal.

    Plus the RSPB guy they spoke to is a knob.

    One day I want to be as wonderful as my dogs think i am .....

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    doubt rspca will take it on after lat 326k bill they got lol
    if your going too be dumb you have too be tough

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    Surely after the manpower investment made by the Police they should be bringing a prosecution.

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    They stopped a van with 3 dogs and 1 deer in it. Not that folk exaggerate much.

    At least they agknowledged that deer poachers also use rifles,, makes a change. Still the usual anti fieldsport outlook from the bbc though

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    Im sorry if I made a mistake on the numbers, I was watching it whilst cooking my dinner, so in and out of the kitchen. I will rewatch it tonight on catchup.

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    Yes the BBC moderate as usual. I really like the shooting community getting blamed for the Golden Eagle not spreading into england due to it been persicuted. It was presented as fact then as "proof" showed some dead Buzzards? This was proof how?
    The BBC present hear say from protectionists as fact and are so totally loathed to portray the country sports fraternity in anything but a poor light.


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