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Thread: ideas for a cheap stag do please

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    ideas for a cheap stag do please

    hi. my best mate is getting married in may and im after some ideas for a stag do. he not one for going out on the lash. in fact i cant remember the last time he had a drink. he really enjoyed my stag do which was a mornings clay shoot with a few friends. pub lunch then back to mine for a take away.

    he is a keen shot mostly rabbit and shotgun. the others in the party have little or no shooting experiance. was thinking of maybe clays and set up a range for my 308 but want something a bit different. was thinking maybe using the exploding clay inserts to add something extra

    any thought gratefully received

    regards pete

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    the exploding clays always get a cheer.
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    only problem being ive got to hit them first

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    exploding targets plus several fruit targets aswell eg oranges apples water melons etc etc

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    Paintballing seems to be a popular choice these days + you'll be at a bit of an advantage there I would hope.....

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    for mine i drove to the other side of the country and back to pick up xena my BMH then the next day went paint balling and was that knackered after all that i didnt even bother going out on the piss !

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    prouge, if thats how you spell it, cheap and gooooood lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by Buckaroo8 View Post
    Paintballing seems to be a popular choice these days + you'll be at a bit of an advantage there I would hope.....
    your probably right i will be the smallest one there

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    A day at a 4x4 driving school?

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