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    hi, im sure this has been asked many times, but im looking for a good pair of binos for stalking, cant afford top end prices.
    anyone know of of a cheap but good make, if there is such a thing lol

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    Minox are very good for the price. Were on offer from sportsman gun centre at about 200 before Christmas.

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    I've got a pair of Opticron, they're not bad for the money and I'll be using them for a few years yet.

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    First of all I have to say that I have a pair of Minox HGs which I bought quite a few years back from the USA for 400 and I am very pleased with them and would recommend them as Minox, all across their range, seem to be at a very nice spot on the price versus performance graph. I have compared them to other, more expensive, options and while some of the others might give an image that "feels" better my experience has been that for me they wouldn't give any big advantage. My view is that top end Zeiss consistently have the best glass but that having it isn't going to add much, or maybe anything, to my ability to shoot deer. I have compared my Minox to some of the other top end glass at last light and formed the view that the Minox was better.

    The other side of this coin is that if you were to buy top end glass second hand at a reasonable price then you could probably keep it a few years and sell it for in and around what you paid for it. Let someone else take the big hit on buying new and your "total cost of ownership" of good glass can be next to nothing. That is certainly a very attractive option and would give you the satisfaction of owning one of the big brands. Macleods of Tain get a good reputation for 2nd hand glass and it might be worth a chat with them.

    However, even second hand the top end glass might be out of your reach and given that I would certainly recommend looking at Minox as they have binos at most price points plus, as mentioned above, you see one or other of their models on offer at a good price quite often.
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    what size would you surgest, 10x42??

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    Quote Originally Posted by simon1979 View Post
    what size would you surgest, 10x42??
    Thats what I have, but many prefer 8x mag. I guess it's whatever you prefer.

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    ebay have the minox 10x42 for 139 new, is that to good to be ture??
    sports man have bushnell 7x50 pro at 109, that sound a good buy.
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    Minox 8x42 would be a great buy,
    they were about 199 or there abouts when I bought a pair but they have dropped in price further recently, a good buy for the money.

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    minox are great glass and i wouldnt hesitate to have another pair the only reason i dont is i left mine on the roof of my car after a great stalk when i realised i returned to find them very beaten up but still usable ,just if you shut one eye. I got a set of zeiss for a steal so couldnt resist, but i will say as nice as the zeiss are i couldnt tell the difference at last light, good luck in your search atb wayne
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    great advise thanks,
    will be buy them shortly, thnak you

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