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Thread: foxing with 243

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    foxing with 243

    I have been using .223 for fox and would like to upgrade as some fox are at distence, i now the 223 is capable but would like to use a larger round, also I have roe on some of my permission, my question is Now easy if at all would it be to get a Variation on my ticket? Cheers guys

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    You have the reason. That should be it really.
    Nooooooooooooobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!! Our main weapon is.........

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    fill in th eform and send it in,permission,need,sorted..............

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    Get a letter of the land owner saying you permisssion to shoot the deer it will help your application / variation you may still find they put a DSC1 clause on your ticket or a mentor all of which are not legal which fire arms office do you come under

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    If you don't ask, you don't get. Be prepared for a knock back, a certain person in the licensing is not keen on .243 for fox as its overkill!!
    I have it on my licence, so it is possible.

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    Fill in the form and submit. A letter from landowner giving permission to shoot both deer and fox should sort it. Home office guidance states that 6mm is suitable for use on fox. It also states that if a shooter wishes to use one rifle for dual purpose I.e. fox and deer, 6.5 is acceptable, especially in windy areas.
    All this relies on the land being passed for requested calibre.

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    Well I've got a .243 for fox and deer on my ticket, so yes it is possable

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    i have 243 for vermin rabbits same as my 7mm rem mag vermin deer we have big wabits in scotland

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    Mal i enquired with cheshire a few yrs back and as Mark above says they wanted me do DSC1 and then have a may of changed now who knows but do expect the usual.

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