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Thread: faster than N160 but slower than N140......

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    faster than N160 but slower than N140......

    having just returned from a range day I am informed that my .270 is breathing fire.....
    (of course it is! Its a real man's calibre and comes with the visual entertainment expected!)

    but, I am considering the fact that it is not perhaps utilising the full powder colum
    rifle is a JD Parker Hale standard barrel (24"? maybe 22"..)

    135gr SMK or 130gr SP Interlocks over 4.0cc or 54.5gr of N160
    Norma Brass and CCI BR primers

    shoots well and I use the N160 in the .243 as well

    do i faff finding another powder or continue using the fire breathing beast as is!?
    if the former what are my options?

    have 2.5kg of N160 for sale if that is the case!

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    Vit 150

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    N560 is the answer and stop playing at it

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    on a serious note i can count below 160

    although is 560 not slower?
    guess i was interested in 270 users with history of faster powders
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    Hello. I have used N160, IMR-4350 and Hodgdon H-4831 (both long and short) in my twenty-four inch barrel Parker-Hale.

    I have been unable to locate any data for N150 in 270 Winchester calibre! Odd but there it is!

    I only use 150 grain bullets now, so my experience may not be entirely useful to you, but after wasting 90 on two tubs of IMR-4350 over about eight month period I went back to using Hodgdon H-4831.

    I also was searching for something just a littel bit faster in burn rate. But the reality is that H-4831 is the No1 USA choice in that calibre for good reason.

    I don't experience any fire breathing but have never gone beyond 55.0 grains which, with a Hornady 150 grain "Interlock" gave me an honest and chronographed velocity over 2,800fps at the muzzle.

    Currently loading 54.7 grains with a Speer Hot Cor 150 grain but working up to 55.0 grains.

    My loading notebook isn't in handy reach but I can post details tomorrow or Tuesday. It also has notes on 140 grain Hornady "Interlock" with the fastest load averaging 2,905fps with no more that ten or twenty or so fps variation.

    To be honest whilst I got good accuracy with the IMR-4350 I just was filling more of the case and getting a better balanced load with the H-4831 so as not to persist with the IMR-4350.

    Reality is that THE powder for the 270 Winchester and a twenty-four inch barrel is Hodgdon H-4831 and all the others are behind it.
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    Not surprised by the fire breather Ed, N160 in 22" burns ~92% so expect a little flame!
    Here is a couple of charts of burn rates to help you, I have upped the charge a little in the second chart to see how burn rate improves from what you were using.

    Eds load (sort by velocity); (Prop.Burnt column)

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    This chart sorted by prop. burnt I cropped @ <94%

    Use only for an idea of what is going on, I do not have Ed's case data, seating depth etc...

    BTW assumed 22" barrel.

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    PM me Ed if you want some further help!

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    That is very interesting.

    I started on N165 and quickly moved to N160 and stuck with it since (2yrs or so)

    majority of my loads are 130gr Interlocks
    I have lots of others made up (including some 140gr Nosler, Swift 140gr, 150gr Partition Gold, down to some 100 and 90gr Hollow points!)
    but not had a chance to use them in anger!

    I only just got some SMK's for a range day and as I was in a bit of a hurry I used the 130gr charge level with the 135gr SMK's (it is still way off max of 56.5gr, which is incidentally less than VV's data last year!, the max for 130gr is 62gr)

    I have checked and it is a 24" barrel (actually 600mm/23.75" quoted in several places)

    Load details are as above
    OAL is 84mm to the meplat on the 135gr SMK (that measures to be seated 12mm)
    Case length 64.25mm

    Products - Lapua

    if 54.5gr is burning 92% in a 22"
    then I wonder what the max load of 56.5gr is doing in the stated 24.5" barrel that VV quote above? or worse 62gr of N160 under a 130gr!

    some of their numbers don't stack up

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