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Thread: Hello everyone

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    Hello everyone

    Hi everyone, I am new to all this and am looking for a bit of guidence,advice anything really. I have just done my DSC1 I found it really interesting and enjoyed the whole experience, I have been shooting rabbits with a 22 rimfire for a few years now,
    I am a keen Knifemaker having made many stalking knives for people at the shoot where i go beating, and friends of friends i am getting some really good feedback which is really good, I have just set up my own website to try to promote my knives, I am also very keen on stickmaking.
    I hope to find some good tips from you fine people.
    regards Paul Kaye.

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    Hello Paul

    Welcome to the site. Congratulations on your Level 1, hope you are thinking about Level 2 now???

    You should tell us more about your knives and whether they meet all the hygiene regs, I for one would be interested.

    I have a friend who like you is a stick maker. You would think that some of his hand carving has been done on a machine. The demand is very high so good luck to you Paul.

    Perhaps we can see some photo's soon ??

    Good Luck


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    Hi yes i do make knives that meet all the current regs, I was told at first that wood could not be used for the handle of a stalking knife so i bought loads of corrian which is a food safe material, normally bone or ivory colour there are other colours tho, I later found out from Dave Stretton of Donnington deer mangagment that i can use wood as long as it is sealed properly, i buy stabilized wood from the states which makes it work like plasic but still has a great look, The sheaths can be lined with a plastic liner. If anyone is interested in making there own i do make kits up for people.
    hope this helps

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    pics if anyone is interested?

    thank you for you interest in my knives, i couldn't work out how to put pics on here but this is my website, its still in prodution but there are some pics on.

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