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Thread: Zeroing a scope - The easy way

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    Zeroing a scope - The easy way

    Now I know most of you seasoned shooters will know this trick, but over the years I have seen countless rounds thrown down range by even experienced shooters twiddling about with their scopes and slowly walking the shots in, measuring and faffing about with grid paper and counting clicks.

    Er! is it 1/8, 1/4 or mm clicks? Which way do I need to turn it? Sound familiar?

    This is a short video I shot yesterday while experimenting with shooting videos through the scope with my phone camera. Not the best quality because the scope struggles a bit at 25yds.

    The rifle is a .22rf Voere semi-auto, range 25yds, camera is a Samsung Galaxy S2.

    Hmm! Video doesn't want to run here but runs ok here.
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