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Thread: What would you buy again

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    What would you buy again

    One of the guys started a thread about the things you would never buy again or just never buy, lets have a happy thread! What are the things you would buy again, even if they are no longer available. Have to admit being related to Victor Meldrew I'm still thing about my list

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    well that was me, and good idea :-)

    Jeep Grand Cherokee
    Beretta Silver Pigeon
    Sako 75
    BRNO rifles
    Zeiss bino's
    Meindl Dovre boots
    Harkila stalking trousers
    Fleece lined stalking shirts
    S&B scopes, Zeiss scopes
    Stetson hats
    Tailored tweed shooting/stalking suit
    Mora Clipper knives
    Nosler Partitions
    Norma ammo
    Pachmayr recoil pads
    Church's shoes
    Otterup/Schultz Larsen barrels
    Parker Hale express cleaner/combined rust remover oil
    Omega watches
    Good quality screwdrivers and bits
    Abel fly reels
    RL Winston Fly rods + Bruce and Walker

    I'm sure there's more
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    Blaser r93
    blaser f3 shotgun
    schmidt bender scopes
    nightforce scope
    swarovski binoculars
    swarovski spotting scope
    nomad uk clothing
    guy cotton waterproof bib brace trousers
    toyota hilux
    bf Goodrich tyres
    bushnell trophy cams
    Aigle wellies
    Mora knife
    Honda quad
    Pilkington kite night sight

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    Leather rifle accessories made by JasonH's associate John! But I won't actually buy any again on account of the fact that I suspect they'll last a lifetime.

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    THe list is too long, but I'd like another 256 Winchester barrel for my Thompson Center single shot. I've been missing that one lately.~Muir

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    Anything Swazi
    Swarovski Z6i's and El RF Binos
    Tom Krein knives
    Nosler accubonds
    Mcmillan stocks
    Meindl boots
    Harkila Trousers and Fleeces
    Aim drag bag
    Tipton cleaning rod
    Wipe out
    Panerai watches
    Trickers and Grenson shoes
    Swaroski bino guard
    Stoney point sticks
    Norma brass
    fibre optic broadband
    RC cartridges
    Persol Glasses
    "If you don't belong, don't be long"

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    Blaser r8
    Aya no.2 20g
    Cz rimfires
    S&B scopes
    Musto leather wellies - they looked like they were made for appearance when I got them but they are some of the best that I have ever had
    Musto overtrousers
    Harris bipod
    Opinel knife
    Nissan D22 p/u
    Lawrence Precision moderator
    Nosler Accubond
    Springer Spaniel
    atb Tim

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    A Daihatsu Fourtrak, if I could find one again without a rotting chasis!

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    Zeiss conquest scope 6.5-20x50, got two might get a third
    Kahles tactical 624i
    Grovtec rifle slings
    Rem 700
    Border Barrel
    Lothar Walther
    Penn Reels
    Leica LRF 800
    Kaps 8x42 bino
    Cheapy $7 Winchester knife from Walmart, in use since 9 years.


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