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Thread: foxing tips

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    foxing tips

    Hey guys

    Anybody got any tips about best times to go out foxing ? And for weather, is there times they wont come out ie if its too cold or something ?

    I was picking up a pal of mine that works in a RFD to go out foxing, the other guy that worked there said we should get a fox as the weather the night before was pretty bad, blizzard and cold, so he'll be out on the hunt for food. Sure enough we got to the land , 30 seconds after calling , charlie comes running up the park and stops at about 110 yards staring up at our direction enough time to get the ND3 on him and drop him right there with a 60gn V-max.

    Ive now ditched the ND3 and got myself an Archer Gen 3 add on. Although my experiences with the ND3x50 were really good, no quarry seemed to be bothered at all by the green laser light, apart from when it was on its tightest beam, rabbits would run then but i knew that happened and just wanted to make sure that it was true.You wouldnt use the tightest beam anyway as it wouldnt fill much of scope view at all. But now im going down the total 100% covert method of gen 3.

    Any tips gratefully appreciated guys.


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    quite still nights are a waste of time in my experience,
    nice and windy and wet always produces fox for me !

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    Still, light nights I find to be rubbish, cloud cover with some wind I find best. Calling should bring in the more naive out there but if they've heard it all before and been shot at forget it! Find that if the lamps too tight that also puts em off.
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    I'm telling Captain - from the Wee'est of men.

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    Every nights a good night, take your time and pick the place you reckon they will be, nothing like a bit of recce to place em during different times, move places as little as possible, if they are there they will come to you, sods law if you pull up sticks you'll look up and he will be in front of you. get as much as possible in your favour, stay put. curiosity will bring em back another route maybe, but they come back some nights are harder than others.
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    Don't let a chance of a "Snow Day Fox" pass you by!

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    thats interesting the snow day fox, as the last one i got was the night after a snow blizzard. Tempted to try 2moro night as we've just had a lot of snow fall here today.

    What about dog food, ive heard a lot of people putting out dog food, but is that really enough to get a fox into the area ?

    My trail cam has seen foxes all throughout the day from afternoon right through to early hours of the morning.


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    No obvious pattern for me, still and full moon just as good as no moon and howling gale!
    cant tell you about driving rain as I draw the line in deliberately going out to get soaked to the skin....

    i do use cat food to keep them in one spot when I have worked out a transit spot
    i would say learning your ground and the patterns the foxes on it use
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    The best advice i can give is
    1/ Go out lots the more your out the luckier you will be and the more you will learn
    2/ watch the wind direction
    3/ Mr & Mrs fox dont read the same stuff we do , they will do everything everybody has mentioned and act in a predictable manner, other times they don't follow the rule book.

    Get out there and enjoy yourself

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    good stuff guys, really appreciate all the info and advice. Im gonna get myself out there a lot more and do a good bit of recon. I did this a while back mostly having a look around the edge of the fields and gorse bush and found all along there, droppings that i am positive came from fox. My trail cam is near this area and fox has been there from afternoon to early morning hours.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Klenchblaize View Post
    Don't let a chance of a "Snow Day Fox" pass you by!
    Went out tonight and could not get the bugger off the skyline with the A5 behind him. Back out again tomorrow now. Bugger was in the scratching area yesterday.

    One day I want to be as wonderful as my dogs think i am .....

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