Thanks very much to everyone, professional and recreational stalkers, who responded to the two polls on taking deer home to eat. An interesting thing that comes out of it is that there appear to be almost exactly ten recreational stalkers for each professional one. Thereís also a discrepancy between claimed behaviour by recreational stalkers and what the professionals report (which youíd expect). Specifically, according to those who take out clients, 47% of clients take away a deer 25% of the time, and none report that all their clients do so. On the other hand, 59% of clients say that they always take a deer with them!

At the other end of the scale, only 2% of amateurs admit that they never take a carcass home, but the guides make that 12%.

I think that the main finding that I find heartening is that over three quarters of stalkers claim to take a deer home always or most of the time, subject to the limitations of storage, transport, hunger, etc, so the link with food is overwhelmingly at the front of peopleís minds. Iím not sure that the same can be said of driven game shots for example, and most coarse anglers appear to have lost the plot on this one (although you can return a fish, so itís not quite the same situation).

Finally, the answers from the recreational stalkers are statistically significant, but as there are ten times fewer professionals, itís really too small a sample to provide a realiable overall snapshot. But a useful indicator nonetheless!