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    Hi all just wondered if any of you had any dealings with the above
    For those who havent they are a company dealing primarely with record keeping programes for the enthusiastic deer stalker
    Starting with the [HUNTER] version right up to the more expensive profesional model for full time deer stalkers/managers.
    web site adress
    Aproxamately nine months ago i thought my record keeping should progress into the 21st century so duelly purchased the hunter version for 45.00 pluss p+p with a view to upgradeing at a later date if i got on with it ok.
    Loaded the disc or rather tried to but no joy not a problem they have got a problem solving section on there site tried again but still a no go.
    Sent an email and a chap rang but i missed the call he said to the other half they were having trouble with people running windows vista not being able to install the software.
    I tried to email but site was down for a month.
    Then took the disk over to my cousin as his wife is the head computer programer running her own department working for the defence indusry and she was also unable to install it.
    several unanswered emails later [they have no phone number] a polite chap called and said he would ring again as i was away from home [stalking] and talk me through the instalation although he did seem a bit dubious himself as to wether it would load up.
    He said if it was still a no go he would refund my money, sounded good so arranged for him to ring at six the next day.
    I stayed in as arranged, rare for me i can tell you especially seeing i had recieved an invite out on some new ground,and he never bothered to call.
    One month and several emails later i still havent heard a thing.
    The infomation apparently is on the disc but some parts of it are missing or locked.
    I have finnaly come to the concluesion that to get the program to run i need to contact a proffesional safe cracker or go head hunting for a rocket scientist at cape canaveral.
    total waste of time and money with crap aftercare service to boot

    PS anybody want a 45.00 coffee coaster

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    I have the estate version and my experiance could not have been different.

    I found the aftersales very helpful and they even tweeked it for my estate records to match the program.

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    He was at the CLA last year in the BDS tent, i got talking to him and he shoots in a local clay club which we shoot against on sunday mornings. Herefordshire based.
    The guy is called Gary Dean,solutions architect,Corax software Ltd, CS venator
    O1386 860394 is the number on his card he gave me last year might be worth a go rinning. I also have a mobile but see how you get on fisrt with the works number.

    Good luck


    PS you could allways just set out a spread sheet, there are a few ideas in various stalking books with what sort of lay out you could do. A lot cheaper than 45

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    Thanks guys i will ring him tomorrow the product itself looks quite good thats what was so annoying.
    Seing it sat there on the shelf for months on end was making my blood boil i actually threw it in the bin and the wife took it out again saying it was a waste of 45.
    For the past six months i have been using a spread sheet as you have sugested, kindly set up for me by a work collegue.

    THANK YOU for your help i will let you no how i get on.
    yours appreciatively

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    I would like to say i got the professional version. Teething problems to start with, but with an email that included my contact phone number he was on the phone and talked me through it all and bingo all up and running while he was on the phone to me.

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    Hi all just thought i would update you on my progress so far.
    After aquiring the company phone number kindly supplied by 243 varmint i gave them a ring, gary dean wasnt there and another chap came to the phone.
    This i presume was his buisness partner as it was the same guy i had spoken to before, i said i was expecting a call over a month ago but nothing.
    He said he did call but there was no answer ,he then paused and said that he actually didnt call as he rings loads of people and cant remember them all [MORE LIES].
    Apparently they were having problems with people running windows vista 75 bitt systems not being able to load the software due to as i thought a security part of the program that was missing.
    He said however that they had never had anyone that was unable to install the software before [YEA RIGHT]
    However this had now all been sorted out and the missing files would be sent straight away i presume these would be in the form of an email or on another disc.
    Iasked if he needed an address but he said he had my phone number and contact details already.
    Well that was a week ago and i hav'nt heard a thing.

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