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Thread: OptilockTikka Bases

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    OptilockTikka Bases

    I have come by a set of the above mounts sutiable for Apel Rings (as shown) or Optllock rings.
    These are the top notch bases that take the Apel rings similar in design to Optilock but infinitely better made and smoother looking (they are the type on pagge 119 of the EAW Apel catalogue - rings in all sizes including 34mm)
    They are no use to me(dont fit my rifle) - so open to sensible offers - pictures to follow.

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    Bases only - rings in use!

    Here's the rings available:

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    Will these fit Sako 75 dovetails?

    If so, PM me what you want for them.

    Alternatively, I can swap a set of Sauer bases to match these rings?

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    They don't fit Sako 75 - hence the sale!

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    Edited post - bases only - 30 incl postage, recorded delivery at additional cost.

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    Bases still for sale due to time-wasting.

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