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Thread: Other peoples birds. Stray pheasants on my permission.

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    Other peoples birds. Stray pheasants on my permission.

    Following on from the cheeky poacher thread I was wondering what to do in an associated situation.

    I have permission from landowner friends to shoot deer rabbit vermin and birds on their land. They recently asked me to get rid of the pheasants which are coming through (our) wood from an adjoining shoot and eating all the food put out for the wild birds around the farmhouse, quite often a few dozen on the lawn.

    The keeper knows about them and has come up on occasion and dogged them back but obviously the survivors are back soon.

    The keeper is a good neighbour and has generously given me permission to follow up any deer that run onto his area so I certainly do not want to irritate him, but I also want to help the permission giver.

    What should I do, chat to the keeper and offer to dog them back regularly? Take my airgun and reduce numbers which is what the landowner wants. Round them up in chicken wire spirals and give the keeper a call?

    Any thoughts?


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    Shoot them and put them in the freezer
    the only outcome in this ccase tell no body as the keeper does not need to know
    we are not talking a thousand birds here just a handfull
    if you are really bothered then dog them back each morning before hand

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    It feels like the biggest risk is you not being perceived as doing your job with the landowner - so if someone came along and offered an option, the door might be more open that it should for them.

    I think it's a combination of all you've said - but communicate. Tell your landowner that you've approached the keeper and given him the opportunity to round them back in the interests of good neighbourliness, but that you will deal with them in a week if he doesn't - and tell the keeper you're under pressure from your landowner to control them if he doesn't. He can't complain then. It's only two weeks to the end of the season, so the keeper may not be too bothered - but neither can say you've done the wrong thing if you communicate openly.

    ....or do as Stone says as it's small numbers and the end of the season....!!
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    I'd be inclined to try dogging them back at first and if that fails pop them off I suppose it depends on the numbers present.

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    i'd go and have a chat to the keeper , ask him what he would like done there are only a couple of weeks left in the season he probably won't be bothered but if you wack them with your air rifle and he finds out you could ruin your relationship very very quickly and the last thing you want is a next door keeper marking your card
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    go and see the keeper ask him for a catcher and a crate catch them up and when you drop them off to him after of course receiving thanks from you permission owner for getting rid of his pheasants you slip in the have you got any shooting going line and bobs your uncle, vagina is your aunt everyones a winner and no-one is upset but to be honest the keeper may just tell you to shoot them and save the hastle but even so everyone is still happy and you wont ruin any relationships

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    End of season nearly here shoot the cocks dog the hens back over or catch them for keeper
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    My answer would be to have a word with the keeper most are catching up birds now anyway get a catcher hens go to laying pens cocks go in freezer. that way both see you doing what has been asked of you

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    later on if they still come over , catch the hens up and sell them ,or take them over to the keeper and try for a gun on cocking days

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    Great, thank you all.

    Communication is the obviously the key and the common thread in your posts that I warm to!

    I will go and see the keeper tomorrow and have a chat.

    Cheers Alan

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