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Thread: CZ .17 HMR American

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    CZ American .17 HMR

    Thinking of selling my .17 HMR to make some room in my cabinet for a .17 rem or similar. It's a CZ American model (wood with thin barrel not Varmint), barrel is 22 inch. Comes with Scirocco sound mod and is threaded half inch UNF. Also included is a Nikon Buckmaster 4.5-14x40(BDC reticle) rifle scope which is brand new with box(apx 300 at JJK, see link below). Also has 2 x 5 shot mags with it. It's in very good condition, few marks on the stock etc but will send pics of any blemishes to potential buyers. Has fired 550 rounds and shoots hole in hole at 100 yards in the right conditions and if I do my part. This has had the rim fire magic trigger kit fitted which is great, no creep adn a very crisp light trigger than can be adjusted as low as 1lb.

    Nikon Buckmaster 4.5-14x40mm SF Matte BDC Reticle from JJK Shooting Supplies

    Would be looking for 450 plus RFD costs. May split it if someone wanted the scope.Attachment 23446Attachment 23447
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    Im intersted mate what's your lowest price please

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    PM sent

    Quote Originally Posted by jontie3332 View Post
    Im intersted mate what's your lowest price please
    PM Sent

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    Still for sale and open to offers, will split. Also have hard case and sling that ill include in price.

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    Quote Originally Posted by simon1979 View Post
    pm sent
    PM replied, pics sent

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    A lot of interest but she's still for sale. Also have apx 500 rounds of ammo, mostly Hornady red tips which shoot great in this. Was planning to keep them I case I ever get another HMR in future but would sell them as part of the deal(price to be negotiated) if F2F.
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    im still intrested, is a great buy, just got sort my funds out first
    plus my FAC isnt back, but as soon as i get sorted and if you still have ut, i will be in touch

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