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Thread: Fridge to Chiller?

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    Fridge to Chiller?

    This has probably been done to death, but could someone explain how exactly l change a larder fridge to become a chiller.

    Do i have a to put in a fan, then have it thermostatically operated, cutting the fan on and off at say 5-7 deg c? Whats the best method?


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    Frankly it is a lot easier to buy a larder fridge with an integral fan - I picked one up on e-bay for 40 last month.

    If you are only using for Muntjac or Roe you will probably get away hanging your hook & gambrel off the nylon coated wire shelves (reason for avoiding the posher glass shelved models). Otherwise you are into modifying the fridge as descibed in a previous thread which also covered fitting external fans.

    I hope this is of some help.


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    As Neal says, it's easier to start with a fridge that already has a fan:

    The above will hold a couple of roe at a push, or up to five muntjac The latter was a bit of a squeeze I picked mine up from eBay for next to nothing.


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    do it have to have a fan?? would have thought in such a small space the temperture would have been the same, but i could be wrong, my reason for asking

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    Fan is important for air circulation and hence to stop carcass going mouldy not for temperature control.


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    cheers m8 thanks for that 8)

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    How come I can never find one on flea bay?

    Am I looking in the right place?

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