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    Good day fellow stalkers. As you may have guessed from my user name the name is Phil and I am from South Yorkshire. I have been stalking for about five years and only wish that it had been for the last forty! I have DSC 1 and 2 and have access to roe stalking in Scotland and fallow and muntjac in the Midlands. When the opportunity presents I go out with John Robson (great bloke) in East Yorkshire for the roe and have been over to Ireland for the Sika a few times. Having to go to work does spoil recreational stalking!

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    Hello Phil and welcome on-board.

    Obviously the Sika are good sport in Ireland??? You will have to let us know sometime on here.

    Good luck


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    Hello and welcome to the site.

    I see that you have stalking in Scotland, please do not forget to get in touch with the MSP for the area and fill his/her ear with the proposed DCS robbery and general stalker stuffing programme. Then send a response to their consultation paper.

    I'm sure you will enjoy it here


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