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Thread: Pulsar forward DFA75

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    Pulsar forward DFA75

    Hi guys,

    Has anyone got hold of one of these units yet???
    If any one has what are they like??
    They look good and I am just wondering how they compare to the digisight??

    Thanks in advance.


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    Not even the uk importers have got their hands on them yet. They have seen a prototype but they have been told the production unit may differ slightly.

    The uk importers have been promised by pulsar they will have a production model for the shooting show in February.

    So it may be a while before us "punters" actually get our hands on them.



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    We have been told that they wont be available for about 6 weeks, the performance is allegedly equal to the N750 when used on quality optics.
    If it lives up to the hype it will be a very usefull tool.

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    I have ordered one and paid 50% to secure from first batch, if it does what it says on the tin then it should be a cracking bit of kit. As and when I get it I will post my findings good and bad.

    I have an N550 which I will put up for sale when I get the DFA75, the N550 is on a .17HMR

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    I'm very tempted to do the same - I have an N750 on 1 of my Hmr's - just need the flexibility the DFA75 "should" offer.

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    As above,

    But ill have to stick to my lamp and filters,fox pro caller and a 20 tac.

    they do what they say on the tin if used right

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    Ok guys,

    Thanks for your replys, I seen the Scott Country advert in the sporting rifle mag and thought they were available.
    Keep us posted when one has been used.


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    I'd be very interested to see the first user reports on this thing. I've use fwd mounted add ons before and tbh unless they're high spec (PVS-22 style) the screen pixelates badly and the image become unworkable. I use equipments with OLED screens daily and they can be VERY good, hopefully the one in this kit is a good spec and up to the job.

    The anticipation is killing me!!!


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    I checked with them today and they are still advising due this month so tick-toc

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