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Thread: Swarovski? Leica? Zeiss? No. THESE are the future of bino technology...

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    Swarovski? Leica? Zeiss? No. THESE are the future of bino technology...

    Amazing value off eBay - just bought these for £10.50!!!

    Not entirely sure of the the magnification and objective size, but I'll be using them when I next stalk at the end of January, so will send post a full report early Feb...

    All proceeds going to Air Ambulance Service

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    I've heard the light transfer on that model is 100%, they're also lightweight and a must at that price

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    I think the magnification is 1x, but I bet they are clear as anything!

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    Quote Originally Posted by csl View Post
    I think the magnification is 1x, but I bet they are clear as anything!
    Is the magnification adjustable using the device on the RH side?
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    They don't fog up either

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    should be ideal for remmington users you can buy them, then you buy lenses and everything else to make them work!

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    Like Trigger's broom.... 5 new handles and 10 new heads!

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    They are probably better than the ones my mate purchased from an advertisment in one of the daily newspapers some years ago. He was to embarassed at his own stupidity to complain. What is even funnier is that the supplies department provided absolutely identical binoculars for a frontline emergency fire service vehicle some years later, they got thrown over the hedge after all supplies don't make mistakes do they!
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    Are they the bog standard ones?

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