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Thread: Aircraft and rifle propellant

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    Aircraft and rifle propellant

    Does anyone know if it is legal to carry a tub of H4350 on an aeroplane in luggage in the hold

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    its illegal to carry any explosive on a plane mate not 100 percent sure but might be a thought just to give the airport a ring and explain hate for you to have armed police in your face at the airport

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    It is not legal as far as I know. last year the US bench rest team had to order there powder in Ithink it was france or Belgiumb for there reloading as they were not allowed to fly with powder just as a compont and only factory ammo is allowed on comercial aircraft as far as i Know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sikadog View Post
    Does anyone know if it is legal to carry a tub of H4350 on an aeroplane in luggage in the hold
    Needs to go in the hold and be 'securely' packaged with correct UN (1.4 S) label IIRC.

    Though it might have changed now!
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    Total no no as far as I know. Talking to an American guy involved with emergency planning and civil resilience a couple of years ago. The guys in his office often have to fly to meetings and training seminars in various parts of the states and occasionally overseas. A couple of the chaps are keen shooters and reload. They consider it great fun to tape or stick a small quantity of reloading powder on their colleagues kit bags if left unattended in the office. The dogs of the homeland security pick this up at the airport and the poor mug is stopped searched and interrogated so it wouldn’t be a good idea to try and carry any reloading powders in your bags hoping to slip by unnoticed.
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