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Thread: Night master 800

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    Night master 800

    Anyone know if the nightmaster 800 and ir version is the same lamp and just a matter of swaping the led round or if they are different units all together?

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    Same, just swap over the units


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    Thank you, i can go ahead and order one now

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    Order an extension tube for a second battery for use with the IR - the second battery makes quite a difference Only use 1 x battery with the White Led !!!!

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    If you get the 30% brighter white led, you can use the extension tube and both batteries then, all you have to do is swap the leds round, thats what i do.

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    The LEDs are a fiddle to get in and out. They supply a little circlip tool which fits the coloured LEDs but not the IR. When I queried this they sent me a second LED housing section free of charge. Now my red and IR LEDs are prefitted and its just a matter of unscrewing the housing section and swpping the whole thing. I chop and change a lot between colour and IR and this is so much easier. Worth asking about a second housing section. They did say they were considering supplying LEDs prefitted on all new units.

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    Thanks for all the replys im having ine on demo this week

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    they now supply the neck sections if you want to you can have a neck section for each LED module, therefore just swapping each neck section and not the LED module which is fiddly.


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    How much much are the neck sections?

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