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    hello all

    Hi, general question. But I managed to stupidly obtain a Dr40 2 years back. I was wandering if anyone would have advice on how this would affect my application for a firearms and a shotgun certificate. I have been shooting for several years now with friends. But recently started deer stalking, so decided to try and apply for a firearms. Any advice would be much appreciated. Cheers

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    What force are you under ?. I would say have a chat with your firearms licensing department and discuss your conviction and how to move forward . I would try and get the ball rolling before all forces merge . Again only my opinion I would apply for a shotgun certificate first and show your commitment to firearms .
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    Lothian and borders police? I'll definitely have a chat with the licensing department. I have good referee's for the application. And land too shoot on through the farm and my friends estate up north. Just worried to apply for it and to be told to wait a few more years, I have no other convictions, motoring ect and never got in bother through school ect.

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    I with L&B and have always found them great and good to deal with. I would be surprised that they issue a shotgun and firearms certificate on your first application . What may help your cause is you get some firearms expirence through a club , BDS , BASC and put yourself on a level 1 course. PM your number if you want a chat and help to move you forward .
    Do you know what nemesis means? A righteous infliction of retribution manifested by an appropriate agent, personified in this case by a 'orrible c@#t, me.

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    A friend of mine had his shotgun licence revoked a few years ago after being convicted of drink driving, but I do not think it was his first offence. The FAO showed up at his house asked to see his licence then put it in his briefcase and gave him a letter saying it had been revoked. At the time I had his shotgun otherwise the FAO would have taken the gun as well.


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    It's not a great situation. But its becoming a challenge being invited to shoot ect and not being able too, no other convictions or ever been in any other sort of bother.

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    dont give up on it flatout thats what they will want, if you were in Strathclyde i think it would take you longer, i got a speeding fine for 7mph over 50 and one year on when my FAC came up for renewal the local bobby told me any more convictions my FAC would need to be considered, my first conviction in 20 years and a was made to feel like a criminal,take ma bike to knockhill now and no worries.

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    It's feels Like they are going out of there way to discourage me. Think I will apply for the shotgun first then wait 6-12 months and apply for the firearms. Cheers Mike

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