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Thread: Pulsar n550 + extras.

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    Pulsar n550 + extras.

    selling my pulsar n550, i bought it off best mate who had it from new from uttings. Its about a year and a half old and in very good condition i have had it mounted on my fac rapid and used it to get rid of rats in hen house and now that its done i just dont have any use for it. comes with 940 ir torch which i rekon its pretty good for rabbits at 100 yards and the eps5 battery pack which is great as it eats batteries when using the built in ir. Im not sure where the box is but it will be very well packaged pics by email just ask. im looking for 700 bank transfer posted rmsd or 720 paypal posted. It really is a great piece of kit but i just dont need it anymore.
    Also for sale on other sites.

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    Damn and blast. Bloody stupid landrover fecking engine !

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    Reduced to 660 bank transfer or 680 PayPal to allow for fees. Both prices are including rmsd postage.

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    Hi have u still got this scope

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    Yes still here.

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