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Thread: Reloading session with Yorkshire school of reloading

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    Reloading session with Yorkshire school of reloading

    Evening All.

    Had a very interesting and informative day with Frank Reynolds who runs the Yorkshire School Of Reloading, yesterday. It was my first attempt at reloading, which to be honest seemed like a mine field. As it turned out Frank ran me through everything. The great thing for someone like myself who is new to reloading is the fact that you can take your basic gear, make up safe batches of different loads and then try them out on Franks range. Once you find a load that groups well, its back to the reloading room and make that particular batch. I would highly recommend Franks day course of reloading that he runs as its a hands on course where in a safe environent and under a watchful eye you can learn and get to grips with this great skill.

    Regards Marouf.

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    where's he based
    if your going too be dumb you have too be tough

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    Hi Pal. Franks based in Halifax.

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    How much did it cost you?

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    The day course cost me 125 which includes your dinner aswell.

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    When i went it was a cracking lunch and got a bacon sarny when i arrived. hes a sound bloke and a good course .

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    Karen, Franks wife, takes care of all the food arrangements and will discuss with you what you would like to have when you make the booking. And yes the food was very good.

    Regards Marouf.

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    It sounds like a great idea. I have done the same for some fellow SD members. Free of charge. Lunch was thrown in too. Again free of charge.

    My reward for this service. Some good friendships.

    I must admit though that the guy seams to have found a market. Good on him.

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    Hi all. I was fortunate to meet Frank on a Sika stag hunting trip in the Wicklow mountains last October. A thoroughly nice bloke, down to earth and no BS. Met him a number of evenings after a days stalking and soon realised that he ran this course. As luck would have it I had been thinking for some time about loading my own but had no idea where and how to get started. Was thinking about getting some book or dvd. Anyway, glad I didnt. The course Frank runs takes you through everything and as an absolute beginner with no idea about what makes my bullets go bang!! I can say Frank explained everything to me that even I could understand!!!! The fact that you can learn to load and immediately try out your rounds on his range makes all the difference. Then back in to try more formulas and continue learning. If I had started all this at home with a book or dvd, I would have had to drive an hour to my 'local' range with every variation I loaded. Thanks to Frank for his expert advice. I can recommend this course to anyone with all levels of knowledge. Happy loading..

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