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Thread: Zeroing & rests - recommendations

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    Zeroing & rests - recommendations

    Firstly, I know an inch group is perfectly acceptable for a sporting rifle, but...

    Any recommendations or photos of your set up for zeroing/grouping a rifle?

    I want to compare a few different brands of ammunition but this seems to be pointless unless I use a solid and consistent rest - I want to take "me" out of the equation as far as possible, so I am looking at how the ammunition actually performs rather than how well I can shoot!

    To date I've just shot off a single bag, a rolled up coat, a wing mirror, a bonnet etc etc when zeroing and I know I'll never replicate the "rest" situation in the field, but that's not what I'm after.


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    You cannot go wrong with a Bi-pod from the prone position.

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    bi-pods are great but one of the best rests i ever had was a bag of wheat off the bonet of the car and the rest i use when im lamping foxes is a hesian bag of hay thats pretty good to

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    I have a bald eagle front rest and a rear wedge bag but it doesn't work that well with round forends. for all my testing of stalking rifles i use a Harris short swivel bipod and a small rear wedge. the bag is a recent adition after reading an american book on Benchrest techniques and it's helped reduce my groups visibly.


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    75 second that short harris bipod with a wedge or roled up coat
    or bean bag pete .

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    75 second that short harris bipod with a wedge or roled up coat
    or bean bag pete .

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    Cheers - was considering a rear bag - will give that a try with the bipod

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    What about one of those Quadpods?


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    A while ago tried one of the quadpods and hated it. It got chucked into the fern at the start of the stalk to pick it up on the way home. Finicky bloody thing.

    I'm going to get an engineering mate to make up a small portable bench-rest for me. Nothing beats sitting down at a firm solid bench with good bags or a short bipod to shoot off.

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    Pm me if you want rid of the quadpods

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