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Thread: larger rifles on foxes

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    larger rifles on foxes

    i was talking to my loacal firearms chap today about a one for one variation for my .308 and he asked me what i use it for which is deer and fox as stated on my firearm ticket and he has told me that even tho i have this on the ticket i cant go out just for foxes its only incase i see one whilst out stalking and that i was unable to take the .308 lamping and that this rule applied to all rifles above and including .243. im sure he is wrong but i just wondered what other people thought as i was going to sell my .223 and just have one centre fire but now im unsure

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    BASC have articulated their view in the past more politely than above but the same opinion.
    This link may help:

    The second page towards the bottom.

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    Telling plod he is talking cr** tends to upset him.

    Instead be in awe of his knowledge, and keen to learn. He will appreciate a willing pupil, then once he has warmed up get him to explain how the land assessments changes depending on the quarry. Itís a little know aspect of ballistics that he has been taught by his superiors, his enlightenment is your good deed for the day, when he realises his superiors talk cr** you a have an ally.

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    thanks for your advice chaps i was sure i was right but i couldnt really say much to the bloke as he is going to do my one for one as i wait at the cop shop next week if the rifle i look at is ok i think i will just forget what he said and carry on as normal as my ticket says quite clearly i can shoot fox with my .308.
    thanks Daniel

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    cjm1066 is quite correct, don't piss off the man who is going to make "the decision".

    I've got fox on my 9.3 x 62 but wouldn't dream of using it.

    A .223 or .270 or .308 etc. hitting a dog walker will have the same effect. Easy to educate the FEO.


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