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Thread: Asking a landowner for stalking permission

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    Asking a landowner for stalking permission

    I am wondering if any of you have any particular words you find useful when asking a farmer for permission to shoot.

    I have had to travel to find good deer ground and although I have stalked in neighbouring areas before as a paid guest I am hoping I can offer landowners my services as an agronomist (crop science) in return for fox and deer control.

    Are there words or ways you find useful. I work with about 50 farmers very closely in my line of work but this has been built up over time and none of them are from the area.

    Any ideas would be well useful and although I am not a novice at it, the land has been poached heavily so I am sure farmers are sick of seeing stalkers wanting to manage deer and sadly poachers with fox calibres have ruined the stalking reutation which me and another lad are hoping to rebuild.

    Dress and demeanour won't be an issue, I have that well covered.
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    just do what your doing feller slowly slowly try looking for deer damage on a walk and point it out to him , boots full in may be a turn off to some do's the farmers no you can help them out with both find out ! above all don't push , be yourself , thay don't like it. we help with fencing and ride clearing the stuff that cost them you could offer to give free help around the farm. offer to set up and find the poachers for them
    hope it helps good luck
    Paul o'

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    Offering my agronomic advice and free venison, would that help? Myself and another Lad from tis site can cover everything from rabbit to pigeon and fox control. Deer is always the bonus.

    We are fully insured and qualified with Dsc1/Hcap, have food hygiene training when it comes to handling any meat for the landowner but most importantly willing to get the job done when it comes to pest control and land management.

    I am really hoping the agronomy service is what will be the influencing factor.

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    only way is to try it feller get some sort of card made up that stands out explaning who and what you can offer for free and the next time you see one of the farmers , say how would he feel if some one requested and was offering this type of free service .i look after pig farms and by dealing with fox's etc even baiting rats ,always ready to lend a hand around the farm you get the drift , the farmers talk if you are good at your tasks and he never sees a spent shell or kit out of place he would pos' tell his mates about your service. thats how i got ours .i don't do hampers i make a point in finding the tippel he and wife likes and get it or make it i do offer bunny bergers and smoked and the odd lump of venison ,but in truth thay just wish the job done with no fuss or damage.remember to offer airgun pest control in the barns that may open doors for you.

    sorry long winded hope you get you deal off the ground paul o '

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