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Thread: Ruger .204 bullet weight?

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    Ruger .204 bullet weight?

    Just thought it would be interesting to know what weight of bullet people use in their .204, and for what they use the rifle for thanks. I am using 32 grn.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Munty_Hunter View Post
    Just thought it would be interesting to know what weight of bullet people use in their .204, and for what they use the rifle for thanks. I am using 32 grn.
    I'm running 32 grain vmax but trying to run some 40 grn vmax. What powder you using, I'm have been on h4895 but its a dirty bugger

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    I was told the .204 won't shoot anything above 32g consistently unless it has a 1/11 or more twist, mines a 1/12 - I understand the guy who previously owned my Kimber sold it as it wasn't accurate - he was using 40g !! I can shoot clover leaf groups & 100yds with 32g Vmax Hornady Super Varmint.

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    32g Noslers flew better than 32g Hornady in mine. 39g bus also great and my current choice. Mine didn't like 40g Hornady, the difference is unreal. I've also tried dog towns which were very explosive, Berger match also explosive but didn't fly we'll. I've loaded up some 24g Hornady NTX with max load, not fired them in anger or over a crony but they are gunna be flying at apx 4200 - 4400ft/sec mark...I've been using Varget and getting great results with it. 29g of Varget (compressed load, work loads up slowly) with 39g BKs gives me a 1-2 cm group at 200 yards and is flying at 3700 ft/sec.

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    Thats out of my 20 Tac.

    N133 is very clean, but not as fast as using Reloaded 10X but the stuff is dirty in the tube

    N133 @23.5 for 3740fps using 40grain Vmax very clean.
    N133 @ 25.5 For 4120 using 32 grain Vmax, or Seirra 32 BK.

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    32g Hornady's. Bloody marvelous they are too.

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    I use 39 grain sierra blitzkings with benchmark powder.
    They are the best long range bullet for the 204 provided your rifle will shoot them accurately.

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    running a 1/12 twist in my 20 tac with 39gr and 40 gr heads to great effect.

    longest bunny so far is about 420 yards daylight, and well past 250 under the lamp.

    longest fox close to 350 with the new rifle under the lamp and the best crow was on day 2 of having the rifle was 330 yards.

    no bother with the 39/40gr

    rl10 x 23.5 gr is what im using with a cci primer.

    N133 @23.5 for 3740fps using 40grain Vmax very clean.>>>>>>> i recon its running a tad faster than quitemans load here, i have never found the powder to be dirty,

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    When I had the Ruger 77 MK-II VT I tried every bullet weight I could find from 30-50 grains . And amazingly they all shot well , but at that time I didn't have a working Chrony to run them across . I always had thought of popping a whitetail with the rifle using the Berger 50 grainer but I never did .

    With the Ruger #1B I have now I've shot mainly the stuff in the 30-35 grain range . And it had done okay but nowhere near as well as the heavy barrel Ruger 77MK-II .

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    cooper m21 phoenix 20 tac 1 in 11 twist running 32g nosler bt kicked along by 26g of h322 as for speed not a clue dosent interest me
    but its definatly toooo fast for any vermin around here and charlie does not get up and run anywhere

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