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Thread: Swapping Rifle Parts and Your FAC

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    Swapping Rifle Parts and Your FAC

    This is a hypothetical question at the moment.
    I have been toying with the idea of purchasing a S/H Blaser (some of you may not wish to read on at this point!)
    I thought that if I bought a Right Hand model I could, at some stage, buy a left hand Bolt head and ejector.
    My question is this:-
    Would I have to sell one bolt head before I bought the other ?
    Would this be counted as a normal sale/purchase or would i have to get a variation before i bought the L/H bolt head/
    What do you think

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    I'd talk to your local firearms people on this and get the answer straight from them as I've heard of different areas dealing with the "Blaser problem" in different ways.
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    Simple answer is yes and no! Different forces/dealers follow different rules. Letter of law says pressure bearing parts need to be on fac but there are parts out there that change hands freely. If you ask your feo/licensing dept be prepared for an answer you dont want to hear. If the bits were available, off ticket, with no serial number, you could just buy them. Ive been between tvp and wilts and both follow very different rules for switchbarrels and components.

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    Ed, How could you countenance complicating a subject that the flo's do their damndest to beat you to it???? Blahhhser?
    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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    I've taken the lead from my RFD on my Mauser M03.

    He was happy to sell another stock to me with no FAC paperwork. He was later happy to sell another bolt that arrived in the mail direct from Open Seasons. You see, it had no bolt face, so no pressure bearing part. I later got another "bolt face" and again, came in the mail from Open Seasons.

    My recent renewal interview with Lincs stated that I had two slots for two rifles, that's all that matters.


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    Confusing isn't it, my R93 has two serial numbers, one on the stock/action and one on the barrel.
    The only one on my FAC is the barrel number, from that I deduce I can buy another action, stock or indeed a bolt should I want.

    I applied for a .243, had I know for definite I was buying a Blaser I would probably have asked for two separate slots, one for the barrel and one for the stock/action.
    That would have complicated buying a second stock or action I think.
    I will see what my FEO makes of it at renewal time


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