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Thread: zeiss Diatal 6x42 - how to zero

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    zeiss Diatal 6x42 - how to zero

    Just picked up my 7x65R. It has a Zeiss scope on it - the zeroing knobs appear to be locked but have a couple of little screws in the middle. Do I undo these to zero?

    Heym SR20

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    I don't think that will help, it might be worth ringing a zeiss dealer to see if they can help, you should be able to zero your scope by twisting the knob clockwise and anticlockwise.

    did you have to take a cover off the turret to get to the knob?

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    You can look at these if it helps PDF instruction manuals on the
    Zeiss site

    Wont let me do a direct link but use this then on the top select service then gives you the option to look at the manuals as PDF's in the middle row second one down.

    Hope this is of some use

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    This from a Diatal-C which won't be much different. You should have a central round piece of metal with a large slot in it and an arrow. Of a size that will take the rim of a coin. On this will be a small screw. Around this central round piece of metal is a "collar" with a "0" and two arrows. This collar has a slit in it.

    To zero. Don't touch the small screw! Use a coin to turn the central knob all the way clockwise until it won't turn. Then...this is boring...all the way anti-clockwise counting the clicks. Now wing it back clockwise half that number.

    Put the 'scope in the mounts and adjust the mounts so that the 'scope moves to the same place that you can see looking down the bore of the gun. Now re-assemble the gun and take to range.

    Shoot and use a coin in that round slot to get you reticule and point of impact of shots relative to each other as you want them to be. On aim, 1" high at 50 yards, 1" hogh at 100 yards or whatever.

    Now put fingernail in the slot on that collar and move the zero to the arrow marke on that central metal piece.


    So when you know adjust you have the collar showing where your original zero is achieved at and know how many clicks you are away from that.

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