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Thread: Yorkshire Deer Stalking

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    Yorkshire Deer Stalking

    Has anyone any experience of this outfit?

    They operate close to a mate who is looking to increase his stalking experience and their prices seem fairly reasonable.

    Before I point him in their direction I'm keen to canvass member;s opinions as I obviously want him to get on well.



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    I can highly recommend John and his outfit. I have stalked with him on numerous occasions and shot some good heads including an eleven pointer that i did an article on in Sporting Rifle. He has lots of ground all over East and North Yorks and lots of Roe to go at. Hope this helps, Cheers Fallowm,oor.

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    Yorkshire Stalking

    I agree with FM - my experience with John was excellent, very knowledgable and nice with it. Would love to go more often but time is a major factor. Highly recommended.


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    Hi novice
    Your mate won't go far wrong with John he's a good stalker with some nice ground and and a good laugh.
    All though I do here a rumour he's getting a bit of a belly from all those stalkers breakfasts he's eating

    John I hope you will still be able to manage our Herefordshire hills

    Here's a Bronze Medal Roe I shot with John last year


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    He's earned everyone of those bacon butties !(has been known to drive off without paying for them though!!)

    Johns a great fella with some nice & will always try his best to get you in front of a beast of which there are plenty.

    Highly recommended .


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    I can only agree with all the previous posts. He is a very professional stalker and has more Roe on his land than anyone I know. I have booked with him again at the end of the month.

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    Ive known John for quite sometime and he has helped me get a DSC level 2,
    top bloke and certainly knows his stuff.Any novice wont go far wrong going for a wander with him.

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