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Thread: dating an anschutz

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    dating an anschutz

    I've an ancshutz 1415-1416 (I know these are sometimes treated as desperate models, but that's how the barrel is stamped) which has a date code of ka also on the barrel, which I understand to mean it was proofed in 1990.

    Now the barrel is also stamped 'made in west Germany'. The history scholars amongst you will know that the Berlin wall fell in 1989 and German reunification took place during 1990.

    Quick question, does the fact that this may well have been one of the last 'west german' stamped rifles made make it potentially collectable? It's a left hander as well, if that makes any difference?!?


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    Never got a response to this, so I guess there's no significance?


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    It may be worth more in the future if it's in good nic but I have no idea how rare this phenomenon is. There may be 1000's like this or this may be one of 2 left.

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    Have you looked at this
    it was the first answer that came up on google.

    I wouldn't think that the difference in markings would make any difference to the value of the rifle Novice. A friend once had a Ruger security six that was stamped made in the bicentennial year of the founding of the U.S. When he had to surrender it he argued that this made it slightly more valuable than made since or before, following extended negotiation he lost the argument and was only paid out on the basic value.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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