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Thread: Roe Rut

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    Roe Rut

    Well its that time again the big question is when will it start??? for my money with this weather i think mid july around the 14th as my stalking is in scotland on the west and east coast whats the view of other site members,as yet i have not seen any bucks with does and i'v got all my calls dug out for when it starts.

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    well down here in bloody hot norfolk im expecting any day ! its humid and very warm , i just keep looking for signs !
    saw a buck and a doe yesterday just browsing a hedge not one single sniff of chasing .

    cheers lee

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    I saw three bucks this morning two on there own and the other near a doe but not that interested but the rut was early were i am in Ayrshire last year. But normally its in to the first week in august ,

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    Two lads just been to our place 20 miles from Ayr. Not a buck to be seen (keeping low till the big push)


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    i was out last night. saw 5 does watched for ages but no bucks in attendance

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    Cheers chaps the bucks are moving now and showing so hopefully its coming very soon just got off the phone to 2 of my syndicate lads and they had 6 bucks and have seen plenty around must start having a go with the calls at home i'm sure the dogs will react
    all the best for the rut chaps

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    out this morning saw 2 bucks (not together) one not doing anything but browsing the other a big buck looked like he was questing way out in a wheat field sniffing alot and then walking a few yards then sniffing the air again.

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    Saw a big un chasing a little un off his patch last thursday morning. Its a little early yet in my experience. Proabably another fortnight at least before the girls start to get interested. Generally in South Yorks it seems to be early August.

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    Out stalking last Saturday morning there was a small 6-pointer chasing away a little button buck, but I've not seen any real evidence of the rut.

    I was out again last night. Lots of roe in one field, but only one buck:

    See the Articles section for a longer write-up.


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    Good job, nice head.

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