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    i want a swap for my leupold 4.5x14x50 side p/x 30 mm tube target turret scope for a euro 8x56 30mm tube any one interested pm me . many thanks Kev
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    there must be someone who wants a twiddlie scope

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    like to buy one but i havent a trade scope. i was going to buy a swaro 8x56 and ask to swap but it went for more than i

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    someone else has asked the same make me an offer ! many thanks kev

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    WOuld you be interseted in a swap for a zeiss 8 x 56

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    ive recently picked up a vx-111 6.5x20x50 30mm s/f with a varmint ret for a good price and to be honest the scope has really suprised me, the glass is very good and the ret is fantastic, had s&b 6x42 and 8x56 and these were top drawer but i do like a variable mag and cant quite push to s&b variable scope prices so i can only recommend a Leupold for the same money as a fixed

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    Hi Mate
    I have an S&B in 6X42 Hungarian 30mm tube as new no box though any good to you.


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    Hi Scoie i have also got the 6.5x20x50 vx3 i use on my .243 for foxes & crows, cracking scope for the money,but i want the 56mm scope for my 7mm08 stalking rifle

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    sorry i realy want 8x56 with 30mm tube, many thanks kev

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