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Thread: Lymes disease

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    Lymes disease

    I've been feeling real rough for 18 months,I've had 4 blood tests and only thing they've found is my body is losing muscule enzymes,all my muscles ache and sore to touch,after several conversations with the doc I've got a blood test Monday to check for lymes,if I am all clear it looks like I will be visiting the mineral clinic to find out if I've got fibromyalgia,when I looked on the net for info the symptoms are so similar,I am not into self diagnosis but its been frustrating waiting for answers from the doctor,the whole process is all so long winded.

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    i wouldnt want to have either hope all goes well for you tho
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    Thanks Keith,atb Swarovski

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    Hope all goe's well for you and it's not either what you think,


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    I hope its just a lack of iron or another thing rathet than what you think it is,

    not nice being ill and to have to wait is hell.

    I waited 6 months for an operation after they found out what was wrong and what they had to do to fix it,

    best wishes bud

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    This happened to me starting September 2011......I went from swimming 100 lengths in an hour to 5 lengths.......all over the space of 1 week!

    I had sputum samples, bloods, cardio, treadmills........found nothing at all. Only getting back to myself this past few months but whatever it was has me breathing funny in the first 5 mins of a run and then everything goes normal.

    At one point I had paramedics breaking into my room to revitalise me...........still nothing found even when I went under private care.

    The only thing I can ever put it too is a type of pneumonia as I was diving a lot in the sea during Nov. maybe you got caught out on the side of a hill during a shoot or stalk?

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    Hope all goes well and you get better soon. The body can do some wired stuff and often finds ways to sort itself out. 2 years ago over a period of a week I went from ok to lost strength throughout my body then coordination and couldn't walk properly, I couldn't even use a knife & fork properly. Thought it was MS but then started to recover over about 6 months all tests etc couldn't find anything

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    They are checking my iron level too,not sure why it wasn't done in my fasting test

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    If its the Min hospital in Bath they are Very good. I am a "regular" there"!

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    My wife has Fybro myalgia, it's taken 15yrs to to get a proper diagnosis.... at first they thought it was sero-negative arthritis then it got better during pregnancy but came back with a vengeance after child no2.
    After years of scans, x-rays and blood tests we paid for a private consultation and she was diagnosed in 10mins by pressing on various pressure points.
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