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Thread: opps done it again

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    opps done it again

    well i kind of got a bit carried away in litts/sportsmans i went down just to have a look for a nice .308 and ended up buying one. i was looking at a second hand sako 75 varmint a new remington sps and another new remington with a laminated thumbhole stock and stainless barrel all 3 guns were nice and the thumbhole stock was very comfortable and stable when in the shoulder but to be honest was a bit snazzey for stalking. the sps was lovely and short and wwasnt to heavy even for a bull barrel version but it just didnt have the build quality of the sako so the sako it was. its the wood/blued model with the standard trigger and is in nearly new condition, its had only about 150 rounds through it as the chap whom had it before found it to heavy for walking with. i got a set of rings, the short harris bi-pod and a plastic ammo case thrown in all for 750 which i didnt think was to bad.
    i would also like to add that the boys from litts were very helpfull (and up for a good laugh) basically taking me through every .308 they had in the shop and giving me good sound advice where they could and i would recomend them to anyone

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    Well done ,Must confess I also am a bit compulsive , Now you need to get reloading for it, Just recently got my .308 and its different to the .243 ,whilst that shoots like a kitten ,the 30 cal certainly barks and bites a bit,the difference is very evident I find after spending a day at the range after 50 rounds , start feeling a little tender,but that could be just because i,m a southern softy Enjoy your new rifle ,and let us know how you get on, what glass are you going for .
    All the best Brough.

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    i all ready load so that is no prob and i have gone from a .308 to another .308 and know all about the bark it has as i an still remeber the 1st time i unleased it the glass i am using is the good old 8x56 schmidt and bender which i have had for a few years now and to be honest cant afford to replace or better due to the current price hike in optics

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