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Thread: Fox colouration

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    Fox colouration

    Can anyone tell me why most of our wild animals are white underneath?

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    A guess:

    Possibly more important in the female as such helps with offspring identification/location of feeding station?

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    also a guess but agree with what k has said

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    An absolute must for bib shots!
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    And makes the job of cleaning off all that MacDonald’s burger sauce that much easier if you can see it too!

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    Counter shading

    Adaptation in most animals to aid camouflage (fish for example), allows the belly to maintain a similar contrast to the back despite more light falling on the back
    Also highlights submissive behaviour in mammals (white belly when the roll on their back very visible)

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    Counter shading for submission and feeding makes so much sense! But deer don't lie in submission and most mammals begin feeding before their eyes stoats rabbits etc.

    Great feedback though, I am doing a MSc studying deer and this is bugging the life outta me.

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    Theres a white fox kicking about around here atm.

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    I saw a big fox in my back garden the other day with fur so dark it was almost black. Quite remarkable.

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