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Thread: Hants police apologise

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    Hants police apologise

    BBC news lunch time, hants police apologise for long delays in issuing Certs 13000 back log. Blame on excess beurocracy , they say the backlog is now clear.
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    That's interesting and hopefully good news, was that on the TV or Radio ?

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    Is it now worth putting in a veriation then? Anyone got Thier ticket back now after a very long wait?

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    Perhaps if they were to spend less time nitpicking over trivia, used some commonsense and stopped trying to micromanage shooting activities they would never have had a problem to start with. They need to reflect on how the FLD has been run in recent years with particular attention to how it has been led. atb Tim

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    There is supposed to be an interview with them on BBC radio Solent tomorrow morning. Not sure of the time, but there is an fac holder also at the "discussion" who has been affected by the delays.

    Could be worth a listen.

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    Let's hope it's not a lamb to the slughter. The way the BBC works I would not be suprised if it was an ambush on the poor guy.

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    Actually, it was on the radio this morning (got my dates mixed up)

    This is the link to the show, not sure how far into the show it is and have not listened to it either.

    There is also supposed to be something on south today this evening I think.

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    My dad phoned me up to ask when my renewal was. Bless him. "there's one hell of a backlog in Hampshire. You dont want to be without your licence it's against the law" he said. Yes it was this morning I am just trying to listen to it on I player but not on at the moment.

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    At our club on Tuesday one member has sent his back twice, for corrections, as in lever actions being down as bolt actions, ammo not matching firearms, forgot to put vermin control, but at least he got it back

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