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Thread: Rats - Getting rid of them

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    Rats - Getting rid of them

    Can anybody please kindly pass on what works best for them..

    My garden has always been kept as clean as is possible..

    I have a few of the wooden nippers which produce results.. And a good .22 Weihrauch HW 77 that makes em scream..

    Any workable advice that will add to or better the above will be gladly recieved


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    A couple of blokes with a smoker and a couple of good terriers.
    Where are you based?
    PM me if you prefer.

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    Hi Basil

    Thanks for reply

    I have a vets at the bottom of my garden with outside kennels and pens.
    I also have a large koi pond with a pump that sends the water up the garden about a hundred feet to produce a stream that rolls down the edge of the garden and has various shrubs etc with the water recycling back into the pond

    They seem to be attracted to running up and down the stream atleast thats where i seem to find them.

    I want to be carefull that any poison would not enter the stream and possibly harm the fish

    I live in Poole in Dorset..



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    I`ll send you a pm.

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    Terry, if you know where they're running, try setting a Mk 4 Fenn trap in a tunnel along their run. Try not to leave your scent on the trap. They can be crafty little beggars and may need time to get used to the tunnel before they'll use it!
    If they are running up the actual stream, perhaps you could get a miniature U.Boat
    Good luck, Cheers, Pete.

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    Fens set right will work but try a multi catch first that should rid you of most if that don't work then poison is th must

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    Tunnel with a Fenn trap in!
    Needs no bait and can be left permanently set. Maybe disguise it to fit in with your features? A flag can be fitted to let you know when it has sprung without constantly opening it up. Rats are clever little buggers and should not be underestimated! None are imune to a lump of lead though!!

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    ferrets mate if thay catch them thay will kill them and the scent thay leave keeps them away keep birds for years always add problem with rats and mice until i got ferrets trust me thay wrk

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    I've had to deal with rats in a big way in the past. The rule of thumb is supposedly - if you see one during the day, there are 100 you haven't seen, if you see one at night, there are 50 others.

    Trapping wasn't something I did much of,as I wouldn't be in a position to check them daily.
    The electronic traps look interesting,but given the size of some of these rats, I wondered if they would be powerful enough.

    I'm not sure about putting poison down - what if an owl for example were to eat a poisoned rat or mouse?

    My solution was to use my .22LR with subsonics, & a scope mounted lamp, low power 4X magnification, & it was pretty rewarding when it worked out.
    Trouble is, they don't hang about, so I was on the brink of buying a moderated shotgun,to use with subsonic cartridges, when for some reason, the rats left
    ..and saved me a few hundred quid on a hushpower.

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    Thanks for all the advice and help offered guys..

    As i have a vets at the bottom of the garden a neighbour whose a fisherman and another one that keeps a pigeon loft with dense bushes,trees and shrubs surrounding us all i guess the source is anyones guess..

    Under the pigeon loft? under the kennels? under my sheds?

    Im going to be giving all the above a go and will see how it goes..

    Thanks for replies


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