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Thread: 'One in the eye' for me!!

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    'One in the eye' for me!!

    I thought I had found ticks in just about everywhere possible but this one is just ridiculous! I thought it was a speck of dirt in my eye but couldn't wipe it off. Closer inspection revealed this little Fekker!! I'd been out in the rain around noon to have a look around a new wood. Can't believe I didn't feel it! I only shot a Muntjac Doe and assume I picked it up from the undergrowth and not the deer.

    Luckily I have a set of the O'Tom tick twisters. The small one of the two slid under it easily and it pulled out no problems.
    The head came out fine, but of course I'll be keeping an eye on it!!

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    That would probably be the last place eye would look.
    Another vote for the O'tom then. Glad to hear all is ok.

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    little concerned abot the finger nail biting here
    or was it just nerves on seein a munty

    but what a place to keep a pet tick 8)

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    When you said ' You thought you had dirt in your eye ' i was wandering what sort of photo you were going to post

    Hope it is all ok


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    Quote Originally Posted by stone
    little concerned abot the finger nail biting
    I don't bite my nails - I just 'Burrow' a lot in the garden!

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    That would have had me jumping up and down..

    Anything within 10 feet of your eyeball makes me squeemish..


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