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Thread: Importing from the USA.

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    Importing from the USA.

    Just to give an idea of costs and timescales.

    Jan 3rd, Ordered a Picatinny rail for a mates Winchester light rifle.
    Cost $39.99, shipping by their only option USPS $44.00
    Paid tax and delivery today for delivery tomorrow 14.91
    Total cost to him 67.86

    The moral of the story don't buy a new Winchester without the bases included?

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    Ordered a magazine for my savage 23d .22 hornet from Numrich in New York, put order in last Thurs, processed and despatched yesterday, should arrive within a week.
    Costs, mag-$35, postage/shipping $47, and tax when it arrives.

    If only i could get 1 over here .

    S 270

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    all depends on price i paid 200 for a scope but got hit with 50 i think on import tax, so unless your getting a bargain its not really worth it, unless they can say its a gift your screwed on import mate, prob be 2 weeks delivery

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    Time to arrive depends on the service used FedEx can have it on your doorstep in 48 hrs, USPS standard service 3-4 weeks before it arrive's, they add the transport charge to the price of the item and hit you with 20% vat, and royal mail will charge 8.00 for clearing a standard service and 12.00 for express mail

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