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Thread: Anyone here ski ? Advice needed

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    Anyone here ski ? Advice needed

    Hi all , can anyone recommend me a good ski jacket ? I use the montane extreme clothing here in the cold , would that be suitable for alpine skiing ?
    Ill be staying on the mayrhofen glacier near Innsbruck , Austria . Any recomendations on a good ski jacket and clothing setup . It's generally between +2 and -15 degrees Celsius when I'm going .

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    A good ski jacket and sallopetes are a must, preferably with a transponder incase you get caught in an avalanche - depends how adventerous you are with the off piste. Schoffel and Burtons are two very good brands, I own the latter and can't fault them! Don't forget the the base layers and decent sunglasses - just as important in my opinion!

    I'm telling Captain - from the Wee'est of men.

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    Ive snowboarded extensively and ive found that most of the popular makes are on a par with each other. What you want to look for is a breathable waterproof outer shell hopefully with them spandex type inner cuffs and an internal snow skirt to stop the snow going up yer chest area. Prices as always vary just depends how much you want to pay.
    If it was me I wouldnt go for a particularly insulated jacket id concentrate on the outer shell and use fleeces and proper underwear in a layering type system so you can take off stuff if you overheat. Get a decent beanie hat and a pair of goggles, decent breathable but waterproof gloves or mittens will stop you being eternally miserable. Sallopets or snowboarding trousers will keep your legs warm and if its got a padded or double sown arse piece in em so much the better as the lifts can be ball breakingly cold. Look for alittle pocket in the left sleeve for your ski pass they work great. Good luck shopping and buy here and not in resort, it will cost you an arm and a leg. Have a good one!

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    As Tom says, base layers make all the difference to a day out on the slopes. As for the kit, it depends on how adventurous you are going to be. With the jacket, look for one with a snow valence in it. That way, if you take a tumble, it should minimise the amount that shovels up your jacket. make sure you buy some decent gloves too.

    I can vouch for Burton gear - best sallopetes I have owned. I have got North Face and Helly Hansen jackets. The North Face has a removable fleece, so if skiing in late season when it is sunny and warm, I can shed a layer. The Helly Hansen jacket I picked up at the Gloucester Quays outlet store, so a pretty good buy. Not sure where your local one is.

    On a less manley perspective, I take a pot of Neutrogena cream (the really thick stuff) and put it on cheeks, chin and ears when it is really cold. It is fantastic at cutting down wind / cold burn on your face.

    Have fun.

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    Gore-tex, with armpit vents. Mountain style jacket with layers rather than a "puffa". Regarding the skiing, never back off, if in doubt, gas it! You back off, you loose control.

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    Spyder is a great make as is the Quicksilver gear, agree with above posts the base layers are just as important you want something to keep you warm but won't make you sweat too much.

    Mayrhofen is a great place been there a few times, the two main areas are the Penken with the other being the Ahorn. The Ahorn is the better set of slopes for novice skiers. Consider a helmet in addition to the clothing, seen a few people wiped out not by their doing but out of control people clattering into them.

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    Proper skiing socks! Some will say, "oh normal socks are fine" - they aren't, spend 20 or more on a couple of pairs of decent skiing socks!

    When and if you get goggles, make sure you get a dark lens and a lighter lens, if you go onto the mountain when it's foggy with dark lenses you won't see anything and conversely if its very sunny with light lenses you'll be blinded!

    I'm telling Captain - from the Wee'est of men.

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    All the above. M&S thermals if budget is tight, UnderArmour ColdGear if not. Check your local TKMax (always a bit of potluck for sizes/brands) for jacket and salo's if money is tight, Helly Hansen Atlas jacket if recent lottery win.

    Being warm and comfortable will make your holiday - being cold and miserable will kill it. Spend some money and don't waste the holiday - if money is tight, sell it on Ebay when you get home.

    Have a good time,

    Snowboarder's joke: 'How do you stop a skier? hold up a mirror...'

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Seeker View Post
    Consider a helmet in addition to the clothing, seen a few people wiped out not by their doing but out of control people clattering into them.
    +1 have a girlfriend that had a massive accident 3 years ago, compound fractured femur in 2 places and smashed up face, if it wasn't for the helmet she would be dead now! Would you not wear a helmet on a motorbike doing 40 mph?

    I'm telling Captain - from the Wee'est of men.

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    Keela Munro jacket. Fully vented if needs be and bombproof. Ditto for their salopettes. Standard kit for mountain rescue and very reasonably priced.

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