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Thread: Led lensor torch

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    Led lensor torch

    Anybody use a led lenser F1 torch ?????? What do you think ????


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    dont know about the F1
    But i have the P7 and the T7 and they are very good

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gary Mills View Post
    dont know about the F1
    But i have the P7 and the T7 and they are very good
    +1 on the 7 djc

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    Not used the F1, but I have four other Lenser torches and they are the mutts. A bit on the dear side, but worth every penny. They'll last a lifetime, have great light output and good batter life. They're several steps above the cheapo LED torches on fleabay, and worth every penny.

    I have a P7, a P17, and an M14, all of which I use regularly, and the batteries last for months.

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    I have an H7R headtorch and an older one (Headfire Classic?)

    Both excellent.

    The customer service / after sales is superb. They gave me a brand new Headfire after 7 years as a replacement for mine which had a broken cable.

    I think the warrantee is now 3 or 4 years rather than lifetime which it was when they did that.

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    I looked at the f1 but went for a t7 instead the f1 has cr 123 batteries and no shops near me stock them and also it has not got a long battery time. I also have the h14 brilliant bit of kit

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    Check out the Cluson ones,i bought a ML7 rechargeable lithium-ion battery really well made comes with mains charger,car charger,150m beam and cost me around 20 from molevalley farmers,i am well impressed with it.

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    I have an LED Lenser P7, a V2 Aviator and - most recently - an H7 focusing head torch. All are top notch, particularly the head torch, just wish I had bought it years ago. I also have a Cluson Pro Spotter which again is superb for spotting out to 200m.

    For smaller torches I would have to say that it is hard to beat the Zebralight - I have the H31 which is great to keep in the laptop bag when travelling. Quality-wise they leave all the above behind.

    O wad some Power the giftie gie us to see oursels as ithers see us!

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    I had a led dual head torch for 2 years and cant go by it. It fits in the pocket until needed and is powerfull enough to light up a duck pond on full power yet turn it down and its great when Im on the Sea Trout.


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    I have a Led Lenser Hocus Pocus - tisos were doing a big north face duffle plus one of these for 100. Since I needed a big kit bag I got one. The torch is brilliant.

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