Hi guys

got some bits to clear from the cupboard

one piece Sportsmatch mount double clamp with four bolt fixing to the dovetails, fits one inch scope it has elevation and windage adjustable and has the arrestor pin 25 posted

one piece double clamp scope mount for one inch scope with four bolt fixings to the dovetails with arrestor pin 20 posted

webley two piece high mounts double clamp with double fixings bolts to each mount 15 posted

Millets 30mm high two piece mounts with windage adjustment with fixed arrestor pin they're matte steel finish 30 posted

pair of high two piece mounts for 30mm scope with double clamps and double bolt fixing to dovetails 25 posted

pair of 25mm scope mounts high with triple weaver accessory rails that screw to the front mount to fix lamps and laser on 25 posted