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Thread: Fires downunder

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    Fires downunder

    Whilst you lot are struggling with wet feet and snow, we are in a little trouble with fires, again, in eastern Victoria. Houses have been lost already but no lives thanks goodness. This pic is not mine it's from the ABC. The fire of great concern right now is in prime sambar territory and sometimes cannot be controlled.
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    Well Grant, I,m snowed in at the minute ! We have approx 75mm and still falling with an stiff NW wind so its drifting, making the top road out nothing but trouble. Been watching the fires on the news the last week and I have to say it looks terrifying. The winds moving the flames and heat around at frightening speed. Hope it burns itself out soon.

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    Hi Grant.
    Hope its not reached Wonnangatta mate.
    I wish I was half the hunter my dog thinks I am

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    No Sinbad the big fire is moving in the other direction but it did start in the Baw Baw National Park. More houses and property destroyed now and one poor man has died, found in his car in the driveway of his property I believe. Calmer weather yesterday and today might allow a bit more control . As of last night the small town of Licola was threatened. Regarding Wonnongatta, there were fires through the area quite a few years ago but the regrowth is tremendous, making some areas impossible to hunt. The bad fires a couple of years ago closer to home for me and right through an area that I hunt has shown remarkable recovery. Regarding the wildlife, much was destroyed and many deer died but now it is back to normal. In fact during the winter season straight after the fire around the Big River area we could track deer walking through the bare ash covered ground from watering points back to untouched bush areas. As soon as the growth started the wildlife returned. This is what it looked like about 3 months after that fire. macberran we could do with a bit of snow at the moment.
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    Epicormic growth! Never ceases to amaze me the way things can regenerate like that. Hope you can get it under control soon.


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    I'm a bit old these days to be fighting fires but the fire services blokes and girls in all states here do a great job. I just had a look through a lot of my bush hunting pics and couldn't find one that didn't have a burned tree in it. Some of these trees and stumps are 100 years old. Fire is part and parcel of the Australian landscape and we shouldn't be surprised.
    Don't hide from your mates in the bush!

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    Hi Grant. Hope you and your friends don't get caught up in one of these. I have spent time in the area and it is one of my favorite. Hopefully things will turn round soon before too much is lost. I think things have got to go back to the old ways of burning this scrub more often so fires are less intense. Although as you say things seem to bounce back pretty well. ATB to you.

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