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Thread: data for .308 please.

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    data for .308 please.

    Does anyone have a load using 125gr Nosler BT,s over H414 I cannot find any data for this powder ,and would like to start using some of the powders I have before buying more.
    Thanks Brough.

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    Hi Brough,
    The reason there isn't any data for the 125 grain is because H414 is too slow for that light a bullet. The minumum starting bullet weight is around 150 grains for that powder. I understand the desire to burn what you have though, so I can only say that you should be able to use 150 grain data with the 125 grain bullet (48 to 51 grains) but you may not get very good performance from it. I had a similar experience with some 130 grain cast bullets that I wanted to use with Winchester 760 which has a seemingly identical burn rate to H-414. The loads were low velocity but fairly accurate.~Muir

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    Thanks muir , I have a load for the .243 using H414 which was superceeded by a load using N560 which was more accurate in my rifle, I will go back through my data and have another go at developing a load for the .243 using H414 ,Looks like another powder purchase looming any suggestions ,Thanks Brough.

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    i use varget in my .308 with a 120gr head so it should be fine for 125gr i like varget because its a very universal powder and pretty much all shops who stock reloading componants stock varget

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brough
    Looks like another powder purchase looming any suggestions.
    I used viht N-135, it sounds a bit silly to say, but the 125 noslers with this powder felt quicker than 150gr bullets with slower powder.

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    125 gn ballistic tips
    71.5mm col (magazine restriction)

    h4895 49gn
    n140 48.5gn

    hot, fast and flat in my R93.

    1" high at 100
    1" low at 200
    7" low at 300

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    Thanks for the replies , I have loaded a batch up with N140 and have failed to find a sweet spot along the way , having said that I was going up in 1 grain increments ,so halves it is . Best get loading
    Cheers Brough.

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    308 powders

    I could not get N140 to produce the biz on my 308 with 150gn but the Noslers well......

    49.5gn VV140 or Varget will produce ragged holes @ 100m out of mine.

    pretty full on load but try it and i dont think you will be dissapointed.

    Varget is better slightly than the N140 IMHO.

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    in my old sako 308 i used 125 grain nos. bt the load i used was 39 grains of reloader 7 which produced a 1 inch group at 100 yrds


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    Thanks for the help chaps,
    loaded up a batch using the N140 and found a fantastically sweet spot at 45gr ,One ragged hole at 100m brilliant.
    Data as follows.
    125gr Nosler BTs
    45gr Viht N140. Col 2.800 ,Lapua Brass ,Remington Primers.

    Be nice to know the mv though.
    Thanks Brough.

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