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Thread: Your old reloading kit.

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    Your old reloading kit.

    I am after currently after any secondhand reloading kit , whether it is RCBS LYMAN HORNADY LEE OR REDDING AND EVEN DILLON

    Cash paid and cash waiting.

    please email me at
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    I've got a lee zip trim somewhere if that's any good. I'll have a dig in the mean Time

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    any thing and every thing

    please send us an email enclusing a picture and well take it from there
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    Hello 1967Spud,got a lyman turbo tumbler in very goog condition c/w a big bag of crushed walnut wanted 45 and a Outers Varminter rifle rest 45 and a big bag of once fired 308 brass that you could have for free if you buy the other two bits if your intrested am stalking in thetford forest on the 8th to the 10th feb could bring them down with me ,kind regards Bill

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    reloading equipment for .308 win
    by tony1 Tue Jan 29, 2013 10:25 am
    2 boxes of 100 lapua unused brass at 45.00 per box
    lee case length gauge & shell holder 4.50
    1 box lee three die set (used) 22.00
    will email pictures if required.
    thank you in advance.

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    If Bobjs on this forum is holding to his word, all his kit is for sale........might be worth a PM.....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eric the Red View Post
    If Bobjs on this forum is holding to his word, all his kit is for sale........might be worth a PM.....
    it will be sold as soon as i have sold the rifles etc Si,

    all the dies will be sold with the rifles and as i want the best price i can get the normal reloading gear will be sold as a job lot and collection only, just cant be doing with farting about with posting bits all over the place,

    and will have to be collected when im home as the new job starts very soon, so thats going to be another issue.

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    have you tried mike at calton moor range, he has some as new lee re-loading gear for sale

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    i need rcbs , redding , lyman ,
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    you still looking for second hand reloading equipment?

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