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Thread: How did you get into stalking

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    How did you get into stalking

    In 1987 my mate a F.C. ranger asked if I would like to see some deer in the wild. At that time he was an aquantance of my business partner, and one of our customers. He took me out one evening to his private stalking grounds, there I saw a roe doe close up for the first time. She moved daintily across the woodland to the roe call he was using, following behind came a buck, he drew them to within 15 yds. From that moment on I was hooked, a year later I shot my first buck, prepard the head, made a shield, and continued being mentored by a man now retired, that in 50 yrs of deer control must have grassed thousands of deer. His sentiments are simple, safety, safety, safety, and when you think you know it all, be prepared to learn something new about deer management. I became and still am a member of the st hubert club, having done thier training, and became a B stalker I consider it to be the best training programe bar none. I now am a recreational stalker whom stalks every Monday on an estate in Suffolk where I am responsible for the deer management and the training and control of two other recreational stalkers. I am responsible to the keeper, whom has worked at three of the most prominant esates in Engand as a man and boy, keepering being his only proffesion. We have decided to offer another person the opertunity to do what I have done, you will need to be a novice, that we may train you to uor way of doing things, hold afirearms cert, insurance, but more importantly be prepaired to get stuck into helping us with keepering/rearing in fact anything from painting the larder to driving a tractor. Please do not offer us your help as experianced stalkers, we want to introduce someone to the sport and give something back. We have many people to call on during arranged interesate culling. This is an oppertunity for another recreational stalker to obtain training and stalking in return as many us have by offering help in their spare time. Deerwarden

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    I think I might know someone who might like that! I'll PM you his details.
    No, it isn't me!

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    I'm not after one of your places but answering your question.

    I started game shooting when I was 14 and then started target shooting with a .22 then full bore. At the same time I was fortunate enough to live on the edge of the Forest of Dean and became fascinated with the fallow deer and spent hours just walking round the forest in the hope of seeing them. I got quite good at it and could approach to within just a few yards on occasions.

    I even based my specialist project on fallow deer movement patterns for my S Level Zoology.

    Given the ridiculous attitude of the Gwent Police on firearms I was not able to put the two together until I moved to North Wales just over 20 years ago but ironically had to travel to Hampshire or Wiltshire to get any stalking despite often being able to see fallow deer from my lounge window.

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    Starting out


    I started Stalking about 8 years ago now as a direct result of going out just as a non shooting guest with one of my friends, he then got me involved with an experianced stalker that trains down here in Hampshire & I accompanied him for about a year until I began to get my own ground.

    I now look after 2 large private estates within the New Forest National Park & also run a game dealing business as a direct result of our deer managmant activities, don't get me wrong I still love stalking & get a real buzz out of it but I guess I have kind of crossed the line from recreational to professional in recent years since the Venison Business took off & it is now different.

    I am able to get out on the ground stalking 3/4 times a week & as a direct result of this I am now tied sorting out & managing our processing runs in the butchery/ deer larder for 3 days a week prior to Farmers Markets & Trade/Catering orders for Venison going all over the place.

    It's a busy way of life but I do love it & that all came from just a single morning out just to see what went on 8 years ago.

    Regs Lee

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